Mobility Services

Individual solutions – everything from one source and one contact.

The classic relocation services are only a small part of the services that PROGEDO offers for employee mobility. Under the name of Mobility Services, we have combined solutions that PROGEDO provides itself or in close cooperation with qualified partners.

Whether it is to draw up proper guidelines for deployment contracts, taking into account tax and social security issues, or to most economically outsource the salary accounting, our Mobility Services offer tailored, individual concepts for these issues.

With our Mobility Services Real Estate Management and Expense Management, we offer our clients full service for the management of project apartments for assignees as well as the financial administration of all costs incurred as part of a relocation and assignment.

Specialized coaches for international executives and intercultural trainer facilitate the professional integration into Germany. They ensure that no faux pas’ happen. In combination with our other services, PROGEDO can manage the entire recruiting or relocation process.

Human Resources Support

HR related Global Mobility services

Mazars supports human resources departments of international companies in the complex challenges associated with cross-border employments. As an internationally integrated and globally active auditing and consulting company in more than 79 countries, our experts are available at almost every economic center with specialized global mobility services and closely connected to each other.

Our experts advise on the legally certain structure of assignments abroad, and support the clients with the correct settlement of assignments between home and host country. We focus on finding the solution in the areas of employment, tax, social security and residence law.

We support employers and employees with cross-border services in the following areas:

  • Immigration and visas (by PROGEDO)
  • Labor and contract law
  • International social security
  • International tax advice
  • International payroll accounting
  • Declaration activities

Labor and contract law

Before starting a cross-border staff assignment, we provide support for employment and contractual questions related to foreign assignments. An important role is played by the preparation or review of the corporate policies in respect to assignments. The content of the assignment agreement is of central importance for the assigned employee. The arrangement of contracts between affiliated group companies also has implications for the tax planning of assignments, in particular with regard to reasonable transfer prices.

In detail, our services include:

  • Preparation and review of corporate policies in respect to assignments
  • Employment counseling with a view to the assignment (for instance with questions regarding applicable employment law, the drafting of employment and assignment agreements, and the optimal design of remuneration components)
  • Modification of employment contracts as well as the preparation or review of assignment agreements
  • Preparation and review of contractual documents between affiliated group companies and the accompanying legal advice

International Social Security

In the case of cross-border assignments, there is often the question of whether, and under which conditions, the employee and his/her family members can receive insurance coverage from German social security system (pension, health, nursing care, accident and unemployment insurance). The answer of this question depends on the national and supranational or rather bilateral social insurance law, the employee’s assignment, and always requires a case-by-case examination.

In detail, our services include:

  • Review of the national and supranational or rather bilateral social security legislation on the membership of social insurance in the home country
  • Particularities of executives and managing directors with a view to activity in various Member States
  • Determination of the need to conclude contract for insurance entitlement during the assignment
  • Applications to stay in the home social insurance system (so-called A1- applications) or request a certificate of exemption

International tax advice

The central task of the global mobility planning is to advise internationally-active companies and their employees on tax issues regarding the assignment of employees, specifically of executives and managing directors. This includes both domestic tax law issues, as well as issues surrounding bilateral double taxation agreements. The questions surrounding these topics are concerning the employer, such as the creation of a permanent establishment, or reasonable transfer prices for employees’ assignments between affiliated group companies, as well as issues relating to the assigned employee.

Our services include in particular:

  • Advice on permanent establishments as well as the respective tax implications as a result of employee assignments (i.e. fixed place of business or representative’s permanent establishments)
  • Advice on employees’ assignments between affiliated group companies at reasonable transfer prices
  • Design and review of corporate policies in respect of cross-border assignments
  • Consultancy on the design and implementation of net salary agreements as well as Tax Equalization agreements between employer and employee
  • Taxation of the income from employment of assigned employees and tax allocation between home and host country
  • Interviews before the beginning and end of international assignments to familiarize the employees with the respective tax situation
  • Clarification of tax issues concerning the employer’s obligation to withhold and pay wage taxes
  • Supervision of wage tax audits for payroll with cross-border implications

Tax consultancy for employers and employees often also provides advice on detailed questions, including:

  • Application of special regulations for executives or managing directors under double taxation agreements
  • Tax treatment of assignment related allowances
  • Impact of share-based payment systems (i.e. Stock Options, Restricted Stock Units)
  • Questions regarding the primary place of work with a view to the taxation treatment of travel costs and refunds
  • Questions regarding double housing costs for posted employees

International payroll accounting

A key issue in relation to employee assignments, at home and abroad, is the correct settlement of the employee´s salary. In the case of cross-border activities in several countries, the wage-tax treatment of income from employment of the assigned employee must be well planned in advance to the assignment. This also involves tax allocations between the home and the host country (the so-called salary split) or the consideration of the importance of share-based compensation.

In the case of any type of mistake, the employer risks serious liabilities in wage tax audits or comparable examinations abroad. In the case of international payroll accounts, it is also important to consider the membership of social security system of the home country and / or host country.

Our services include in particular:

  • Set-up of a payroll accounting in the home country and/or host country
  • Registration of the employer and assigned employees in the host country, if required
  • Preparation of coordinated test calculations
  • Implementation of the monthly payroll
  • Recording of new employees/entries
  • Registration and de-registration for social insurance of the assigned employees
  • Processing of travel expenses for internationally-active employees and taking into account the relevant effects on wages
  • Preparation and electronic transmission of wage tax certificates
  • Support for human resources departments in statistics
  • Applications in case of assignments(i.e. applications for wage tax class 1 for restricted taxpayers or wage tax exemption applications)
  • Coordination of payroll accountings in several countries and supply human resource departments with all necessary information

Declaration activities

During the global mobility process, the focus is on the effective coordination of the employee in the home and host country. The central task here is the correct and timely fulfillment of compliance requirements. All remuneration components granted during the assignment are to be treated according to the legal requirements of the host country and in accordance with the respective double tax agreement.

Mazars supports assigned employees with the preparation of income tax returns in the home country and in the host country, as well as in the preparation of Tax Equalization calculations in the case of net salary agreements.

Our services include in particular:

  • Preparation of income tax returns in the host and home country and coordination between the consultants in the host and home country
  • Review of tax assessment notice
  • Communication with the responsible tax authorities and where appropriate, carry out objection proceedings
  • Performance of Tax Equalization / Tax Protection calculations to place the employee as if he/she remained in his / her home country

Property management

Our service for companies who wish support for managing the properties rented for employees. We save  time and money and you always have an immediate overview of all properties. No time-consuming calls from landlords or craftsmen and at the end an easier and quicker deposit payback.

You know the problem: The employee decides on a property and you as a company are not able to pay the initial rent and deposit for administrative reasons. We are!

PROGEDO cost and contract management for:

  • Project Apartments
  • Expat Real Estate
  • Interim Real Estate


  • searches for properties
  • signs the rental contract in PROGEDOs name (on request)
  • pays the deposit
  • pays the rental fee and incidental costs
  • pays internet, radio, cleaning bills

and sends monthly invoice (monthly cost overview, on request).


  • takes care of the property handover with photo documentation
  • organizes regular and final cleaning
  • coordinates craftsmen activities
  • organizes cost optimized tenant changes

PROGEDO is the central contact for

  • Employees (as users of the respective properties)
  • Landlords
  • HR and other departments

Tip: you might also be interested in our Expense Management.

Expense Management

When transferring employees and using expats many costs are incurred that must be checked and paid. With transferees you might give your employees a one-time cost reimbursement, with expats you usually have monthly costs of incurred expenses to pay.

PROGEDO relocation assumes all costs incurred on behalf of the company or the employee and calculates the expenses together clearly in one invoice.

Expense management is a personnel and time drain for companies. We specialise in this issue and save you a lot of money.

Together with you, PROGEDO develops your ideal Expense Management.

What we do

  • Advance payment of costs
  • Receipt organisation via our client box
  • Monitoring compliance with your policies
  • Monthly billing (also as DATEV transfer)

Your advantages

  • Time savings
  • Workload relief for your personnel
  • Quick billing
  • Constant overview through the PROGEDO client box

Tip: Our property management can be part of your Expense management.


Employees of international companies who work in Germany are subject to social insurance rules and fees in many cases and have to pay income tax in Germany – or both.

Our partner, Paychex Deutschland GmbH, has many years of experience in the remuneration of international clients. Paychex Payroll Service (PPS) is particularly helpful: the employer makes one transfer to Paychex – Paychex makes all the necessary payments, e.g. to employees, financial offices, health insurance, professional associations,  etc….

At Paychex, you will receive support and help with the ongoing payroll accounting in Germany – in German and English.

Please ask us for more information

What our customers say

Since we have started working together with PROGEDO, we are much more likely to hire professionals from abroad. Before that we were concerned about all the paperwork that comes with hiring expats. But the PROGEDO team has proved itself to be an expert when it comes to processing visa applications as well as taking care of the entire expense management. I can confidently say that PROGEDO has become indispensable to our HR team.

Theresa S.Human Resource Management, Germany

I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful job you have done in helping us relocate to Germany. It was a long process – but we made it in the end! I would like to especially recommend the hard work and efficiency in handling our case. We are beyond grateful for her help; she was very patient, forthcoming and went the extra mile to make everything work smoothly!

Mattia R.Engineer, Italy

Many thanks for your excellent support, PROGEDO! Moving to a new country and starting a new job in itself is quite stressful. I am so glad that I could outsource finding my children a good school and kindergarten to the PROGEDO team in Munich – who has been incredibly helpful at every stage of the process. Who would have thought that these things require so much paperwork?!

Rowena D.Researcher, U.K.

True professionals at work! 
The PROGEDO-team helped me with all the bureaucratic procedures when I moved from Russia to Berlin. From signing a contract, applying for a visa, to relocating my whole family, we got help with the ups and downs of moving to Germany. More than happy to recommend these experts!

Olga R. IT-specialist, Russia

My highest recommendation for the Progedo team! I was already late with my German visa application when I asked Progedo for help. And still, the team somehow managed to get everything processed just in time, so that I was able to start working in Berlin as was planned. I am still stunned by how smoothly everything was handled, even when we were in a rush. In any case, I was very impressed with the high quality service – many thanks for your help and support!

Preetha P.Consultant, Malaysia