PROGEDO Mobility Services & Relocation

Office Lübeck

The office of the PROGEDO Relocation Agency Lübeck is located in Bad Schwartau, north of Lübeck. Although Bad Schwartau is a separate municipality, it is directly linked to the city of Lübeck. The district of Lübeck Travemünde is a special jewel. It has belonged to the Hanseatic City of Lübeck ever since 1329 and is located in the Lübeck Bay estuary.

The PROGEDO Team Lübeck is additionally responsible for relocations to the cities Kiel and Flensburg.

The quality of a location equals the quality of life, and Lübeck offers the right environment for every lifestyle – whether young or old. Whether it’s a unique apartment in the old town, a home in the countryside or a penthouse on the lake, Lübeck has something to offer for every taste.

The relatively young PROGEDO location not far from the river Trave is managed by PROGEDO co-founder and managing partner Jörg Holsten, along with his well-established team of consultants.

You can contact your PROGEDO relocation consultant via the contact form. They will be happy to help you with any questions you might have about the services offered by the Lübeck relocation agency.

Photo: The Lübeck Old Town is bordered partly by the approximately 720 metre-long Obertrave in the southwest of the old town island. There are numerous restaurants and bars along the Uferstraße. A wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sea. (Photo: Christoph Anders)